trading in gold, silver and gems and jewelry ring

Guide to buy gold and silver jewelry
Remember the gold content of the article?
Usually we buy gold jewelry is in accordance with the gram. Neither gold nor gold polosan wear jewels.
Gold for investment
If you choose to invest all that polosan or without gems. Because if you sell it later will be easier. Origin is a letter all the gold shops are usually willing to buy again. Since the gems can be damaged, scratched or chipped. If this is the price to drop further. Moreover, if a jewel to be lost. Because most traders ngitung gram gold with diamond weighed directly. Rare jewel that's tough to over one gram of gold into jewelry. But still as investment advice note this article.
Why gold should be a letter or memorandum of purchase of the old if you selling again?
Not all experts determine the concentration of gold shops. Usually only the boss and employees can trust and limited to the observation that this real gold. To know the true content of meal time and technology. This knowledge is difficult. So be very helpful if the buyer and seller must sell gold because there is a letter written content. As a suggestion, in which the step that the purchase there. Will be a little conversation going.

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