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For centuries, buying gold has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve one's wealth and purchasing power. Gold is a unique investment, one that has served mankind well for thousands of years. From the times of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to more modern times, man has been fascinated with the beauty and magic of gold, and with its power to change men's lives.

Gold bullion is real, honest money...and, many say, the best form of money the world has ever known. It is a store of value and a safe haven in times of crisis. Gold is rare, durable and does not wear out in the manner of lesser metals (or paper!) when passed from hand to hand. A small amount, easily carried, can purchase a significant amount of goods and services. It is universally accepted, and can be easily bought and sold around the world.

Today, the beauty of a gold bar lies in its ability to diversify investments, protect wealth and preserve one's purchasing power.

Gold bullion is available from Monex in three convenient forms:

The 10-ounce gold bullion bar of at least .995 fine purity is the standard industry unit. It is traditionally used for trading and storage, and can also be taken for personal delivery. Each gold bar is hallmarked by a leading refiner to certify weight and purity.
One kilogram gold bullion bars

Also available from Monex is the 32.15 troy ounce gold “kilobar”...a one kilogram bar of fine gold bullion of at least .999 purity. Manufacturers of these bars certify the weight and purity of the bullion content by imprinting their stamp or hallmark on each bar.

And finally, for those who want the finest investment-grade gold bullion bars available, we proudly offer the exclusive Monex-certified 10-ounce gold bullion ingot...composed of pure .9999 (or "four-nines") fine gold bullion—among the purest gold bullion bars available to investors today. Each bar is certified, with its weight and purity guaranteed by Monex, and each bar is further hallmarked by Heraeus, one of the world's leading refiners, and the 800 year-old Austrian Mint, one of the world's leading minting institutions.

Gold bullion bars are real, tangible assets, and throughout history, have been an ideal store of value and an excellent hedge against inflation, deflation and political uncertainty. They are extremely liquid investments, easily stored and transported, and can be a uniquely private way to preserve one's wealth.

Call a Monex Account Representative today to discuss how a gold bullion investment could and possibly should become part of your investment portfolio.

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Give us a call...give our service a try...and compare our prices. You'll see why Monex has been America's trusted name in coin and bullion trading...for over 40 years.

Wedding Ring FOR fiancee

As a symbol of loyalty, wedding rings into one 'goods' which MUST be there when married (also requires the existence of some indigenous engagement rings).

Shape and the material varied: there are basically materials from gold, white gold, or platinum, titanium, and even now a ring made of stainless steel (steel) has begun the public. Usually, to beautify the ring, the installation of a diamond is usually used (such as inscriptions choice).
Wedding ring
Some places in Jakarta that u can buy a wedding ring target with decent prices tilted (remember the old adage: there is no way price): Mal Melawai and Cikini Market (though the gold price fluctuates, but in these two places, we can dapetin pair wedding rings with diamonds of-course-at a price of about 2.5 million)
For those who put quality, should nyari in a place that also give us the service okay,, Standard and Poor 'in Felice or if ga ribet want, just try it click jakarta zone to search for info a gold shop in Jakarta. Wedding site that discusses about marriage in Indonesia could also dijadiin reference

Good hunting wedding ring ya!

Choosing a Wedding Ring and Fiancee

The tradition of wedding rings have lasted thousands of years ago. There was no data exactly when the ring began to be used for perkawina. But some literature mentions the ancient Roman era many couples using simple iron plate as a sign of bonding.

The ring is a symbol over the life of the bond of love and universally applicable. He became a marker of the beginning of a relationship and explain the status of the wearer. Ring dijari left as sweet talk: hey leave alone, I'm with somebody. They believe in the circle as a symbol of eternal love ring.

Centuries later this tradition adopted the western world. The ring is considered as a symbol of love and confidence that marked the relations of men and women. Sometimes given before the marriage, known as engangement ring or engagement ring, wedding ceremonies can also now known as the wedding ring or wedding ring.

Symbol In the ring

In the development of form and design of the ring - the ring evolved. In ancient Roman times, for example, there is a model known as a key ring made of brass, bronze, or iron. This ring as a symbol to enter the house of her husband and may use his property. Key Ring particular model is used to open the jewelry box.

Diamond ring began to glow used in the engagement began in 18th century Europe, there are several reasons that made diamonds have become so popular, that is dipancarkannya beauty, strength and many found a diamond mine in Brazil.

Aristocratic women usually use the big diamonds for earrings, tiaras, necklaces and bracelets. But for the rings they wear a small diamond or fine silver tied on a gold ring is Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England, called the first time chose a diamond-studded ring for his wedding. The ratupun known as the Queen of Diamonds.

Choosing the ring At present, a variety of wedding rings available in various models and materials is varied. But the wedding ring is the most commonly used base material using gold or platinum. Gold comes in different colors such as yellow, pink or white as platinum. Levels of rust in common use are 18-karat gold. 24 carat gold wedding rings become less suitable because of the nature of soft metal so easily changed due to daily use.

Another option is a silvery white sheen of platinum-colored classic style. Like gold, this ring value determination of mixtures of other metals such as iridium and ruthenium. For the price of platinum ring made from relatively more expensive than gold.

Design a wedding ring is generally simple. Many couples choose a plain design because it is practical for day-to-hari.kalaupun pamakaian want more special, pilihanya is to give a touch of gold or diamond on a platinum ring. Diamond is still the most popular choice so far.

In selecting a suitable wedding ring there are a few things that can be used as a guide.

Budget how anggaranya?
Pricing wedding ring is usually determined by the type of material, grade and carat weight. And the addition of like-diamond ornaments. For a certified diamond wedding rings, for example, the price would be more expensive than ordinary rings. When a limited budget can disiasati with tamper weight, grade, and a simple model. For patokanya precious metal prices are generally similar. You can economize by seeking cheaper production costs.

Beautiful or not the ring is usually the first consideration in choosing. You can choose to directly ditoko ring or find the reference model and have made special. In choosing the model you need to remember, unlike other rings, wedding rings will be used forever (ideally). So consider also its shape, what does not interfere with the activity, whether its design will not last long and quickly stale. Do not forget to consider both your hands look beautiful ring. Pick what will diengrave writings inside the wedding ring. Usually the wedding date or a mate. Choose the wedding rings are both partners and choose a preferred design that survived beyond. You can bring an example that will dress you wear your wedding Day to conform to the shape or model of the ring and accessories.

This is not only related to the budget or taste, in determining the choice of materials, should also consider the health aspects. Are you allergic to the materials - certain materials. In some cases, sweat a person reacts differently to certain substances. When buying a diamond ring do not forget to pay attention to 4C (Carat / carat, Clarity / Clarity, Cut / Cuts and Colour / Color).

Do not buy a ring without a try. The ring should feel comfortable and firmly attached dijari, do not let narrow-mindedness, saggy, or the colors do not match the skin color of the left ring finger anda.Tradisi sweet finger left hand is a place that is usually used for a wedding ring. There's no fixed rule about this but this tradition is so popular and universally accepted tradition supposedly originated from the ancient Roman belief that mentions that on the left ring finger are directly related vein amoris kejantung. The practical reason is also often pointed out, the left hand ring finger is considered as the least used so that the ring is relatively safe to use.
Do not forget to bring your gloves to be worn on the wedding day if you would wear gloves while trying to avoid mistakes wedding ring size.

Gems the Cracks

In ancient times there was a great empire, the King of that Kingdom has a very beautiful gemstone. King is very loved, admired, and the complacent heart because they felt had something beautiful and precious. We will establish his birthday empress, the king wanted to give a gift that gem to his beloved wife. But when the stone was removed from the storage area, so accidents fell and scraped the rock cracks deep enough.

The king was very disappointed and sad. Experts called for the precious stones to repair the damage. Some jewelry experts have come to the kingdom, but they claimed could not fix these precious stones.

"Begging pardon, my lord. Scratches cracks in this rock could not be repaired. We are not able to restore it as the original state. "

Then the king decided to hold contests, inviting the whole country's a jeweler who might have missed that time.

Not much later came to the palace of an old half-clad body bent and battered, claiming the jeweler. Her appearance is not convincing, the soldiers laughed at him and tried to throw him out. Hearing the commotion, the king ordered to face.

"Forgive me lord. Hearing of sadness because of damage to the King the King's favorite gemstones, permit the servant to view and try to fix it. "

"Well, I certainly had to turn your good intentions," said the king, handing him the stones.


After seeing them carefully, with a sigh, the guest said, "I can not restore this stone as a state

initially, but if allowed to, I will make this gem cracks become more beautiful. "

Although the king doubted, but because there is not desperate to do it again with gemstones, the king finally agreed. Then, a jeweler rose began to cut and polish.

A few days later, he went to the king. And apparently a cracked gem gemstone carving he has become a very beautiful roses. My master is very happy, "Thank you my people. The rose is the flower of the empress's favorite, really suitable as a gift. "

The jeweler went home happily. Not because of the large gifts he received, but more than that. Because he has made a king who loves happy.

In the hands of a skilled, disabled objects can be transformed into more beautiful by adding more value it has created. Especially doing it with full sincerity and love for other people happy.

I think so too for humans, no one is perfect, there's always a major or minor shortcomings. But if we have the awareness and determination to change it, then we can reduce the existing weaknesses and develop strengths that we possess the skills and positive character will wake up. With the creation of positive changes of course it is a driving force that will bring us to life more successful and valuable!

beautiful gem ruby ring

Accessories its head the original Title - Silver Jewelry, Jewels, Pearls of Lombok, Swarovski Crystal

trading in gold, silver and gems and jewelry ring

Guide to buy gold and silver jewelry
Remember the gold content of the article?
Usually we buy gold jewelry is in accordance with the gram. Neither gold nor gold polosan wear jewels.
Gold for investment
If you choose to invest all that polosan or without gems. Because if you sell it later will be easier. Origin is a letter all the gold shops are usually willing to buy again. Since the gems can be damaged, scratched or chipped. If this is the price to drop further. Moreover, if a jewel to be lost. Because most traders ngitung gram gold with diamond weighed directly. Rare jewel that's tough to over one gram of gold into jewelry. But still as investment advice note this article.
Why gold should be a letter or memorandum of purchase of the old if you selling again?
Not all experts determine the concentration of gold shops. Usually only the boss and employees can trust and limited to the observation that this real gold. To know the true content of meal time and technology. This knowledge is difficult. So be very helpful if the buyer and seller must sell gold because there is a letter written content. As a suggestion, in which the step that the purchase there. Will be a little conversation going.