Gems the Cracks

In ancient times there was a great empire, the King of that Kingdom has a very beautiful gemstone. King is very loved, admired, and the complacent heart because they felt had something beautiful and precious. We will establish his birthday empress, the king wanted to give a gift that gem to his beloved wife. But when the stone was removed from the storage area, so accidents fell and scraped the rock cracks deep enough.

The king was very disappointed and sad. Experts called for the precious stones to repair the damage. Some jewelry experts have come to the kingdom, but they claimed could not fix these precious stones.

"Begging pardon, my lord. Scratches cracks in this rock could not be repaired. We are not able to restore it as the original state. "

Then the king decided to hold contests, inviting the whole country's a jeweler who might have missed that time.

Not much later came to the palace of an old half-clad body bent and battered, claiming the jeweler. Her appearance is not convincing, the soldiers laughed at him and tried to throw him out. Hearing the commotion, the king ordered to face.

"Forgive me lord. Hearing of sadness because of damage to the King the King's favorite gemstones, permit the servant to view and try to fix it. "

"Well, I certainly had to turn your good intentions," said the king, handing him the stones.


After seeing them carefully, with a sigh, the guest said, "I can not restore this stone as a state

initially, but if allowed to, I will make this gem cracks become more beautiful. "

Although the king doubted, but because there is not desperate to do it again with gemstones, the king finally agreed. Then, a jeweler rose began to cut and polish.

A few days later, he went to the king. And apparently a cracked gem gemstone carving he has become a very beautiful roses. My master is very happy, "Thank you my people. The rose is the flower of the empress's favorite, really suitable as a gift. "

The jeweler went home happily. Not because of the large gifts he received, but more than that. Because he has made a king who loves happy.

In the hands of a skilled, disabled objects can be transformed into more beautiful by adding more value it has created. Especially doing it with full sincerity and love for other people happy.

I think so too for humans, no one is perfect, there's always a major or minor shortcomings. But if we have the awareness and determination to change it, then we can reduce the existing weaknesses and develop strengths that we possess the skills and positive character will wake up. With the creation of positive changes of course it is a driving force that will bring us to life more successful and valuable!

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