Kotagede silver

Unmistakably, the silver were increasingly interested in various circles. Good for body jewelry or simply on display at home. Therefore, can not be denied again that the silver-based company also increased along with the increasing demand from the public. One of them is Mila's Silver is located in the center of Jogja silver, Kotagede.

By looking at the name of his shop alone, most of us would've guessed that Mila is the name of one member of the family of the owner. That is, a name Mila was the only daughter of the owner, Mr HM Dhofir. Mila's Silver is one of the silver shop which has a large building. The sign was big enough so it will not be difficult to find. In accordance with a broad place, Mila's Silver provide a wide range of products from silver with a variety of creations, too. Silver jewelry ranging from necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, brooches up is available in many models.

One of the interesting mix of jewelry made with precious stones of various colors. The rocks are further beautify the existing silver color. Mila's Silver also provides a package of matching jewelry, so you do not like to bother to choose a model can just choose one set of jewelry only.

Besides jewelry, various miniature such as ships (various models), people play golf, traditional houses various areas, miniature animals, can be obtained for display at home. Most miniature viligree or yarn made of silver so that the results of this craft is very soft. There is also a fish-shaped wall decoration, character puppets, flower pots, rickshaws, and also flowers. The ornaments placed in a frame and covered with glass so much like paintings arise.

Besides all that, there are still many other knacks owned Mila's Silver, which can not be mentioned one by one. You could say if this is the silver department stores. Therefore, if you're shopping for silver with a lot of family members or colleagues who want to craft a variety of silver, please visit Mila's Silver.

How much money you would spend on Mila's Silver? Are Rp 200,000, -, USD 400.000, -, or even more than that? If so, you do not need to carry cash, because Mila's Silver accept credit cards. Calm enough right? But why you are spending only a few tens of thousands of rupiah, also do not feel hesitant, because for Mila's Silver, the buyer is king.

Mila's Silver that was established in July 1988 does not give you haggle over price, but they will immediately give a discount of 25% once you buy stuff. Well, if you still insist want to bargain, try it, who knows the owner of her heart melts, especially if you buy in large quantities.

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