Indonesian silver jewelry

Indonesia is a nation rich in culture. Bali, one of the islands that rely on culture as the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia and foreign countries. Besides being a tourist destination Bali Silver Jewelry is also a business destination. One was named as the place a few giant companies mangkalnya silver jewelry world. Just know, Balinese silversmiths often install such trademarks: Bali Silver, Bali Silver Jewelry, Silver Smith or handyman silver, Gold Smith, Artshop silver. They were scattered in the Sukawati Bali tourist area, Celuk, Kuta and Ubud.

Silver Jewelry

Get various kinds of silver jewelry in our online store such as: various rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and beads. Combined with a genuine diamond jewelry are imported from Bangkok, Thailand and Hong Kong. Design and quality that we sell is the quality of exports. Not sold kulaitas two remaining classes of production from the International outlets. Our jewelry designs are classic but fashionable collections which would not be behind the times because every design of silver jewelry designed from filolosofi ethnic and creative. Please visit the website designer to view our profile.

One such collection is taken from the concept of feng shui that explores the meaning of the symbols of feng shui. Because our designers are practitioners of feng shui feng shui also runs web

heart earrings

cross pendant

feng shui symbol accessories

accessories musicians and bands

Collection of silver earrings from the simple to the unique style and fashionable

Toy collection cross necklace, vintage and celebrity inspired

Feng shui collection of silver jewelry. Jewelry with special meaning.

Rock N Roll Collection Silver Jewelry for Music Lovers! Musicians and Accessories

Bali is an island whose inhabitants all Artists. Some people are elected as an artist who really gets the blessing of the Almighty at work. This blessing is called 'Taksu'. Works of high art usually comes from a high sense of devotion to the art itself also gives inspiration and happiness to the audience. I always hope 'Taksu' was awarded to me and among those I continue to hope and pray I hope users of the works of individuals who are happy I become physically and spiritually.circulation is not smooth.

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